Trent’s References

Trent has been very blessed to have worked with these industry professionals. Please feel free to speak to any of them about Trent. For privacy purposes contact information can be provided upon request.

Bull Fighters

Rob Smets
Matt Baldwin
Ross Hill
Justin Wolf
Kenny Bergeron
Blue Jeans
Kevin Ellis
Darren Robertson
Brandon Loden
Jake King
Jimmy Lee Walker


Sam Swearigen
Charlie Lowery
Silver spurs
Five Star
Robin Brooks
Strawberry Pruitt
Jeff Robinson
Earl Klien
Bubba Oubre
Ken Treadway
Ricky West
Bill Harper
Championship Pro Rodeo
Zack Craig
Aaron Hudson


Wayme Brooks
David Sharp
Robby Thomas
Jerry Todd
Matt McGhee
Mike Mathis
Roger Mooney
Andy Stewart
Brandon McClaigan
Chris Pyle
Trey Windhorst


Sid McFarland
Lynn Payne
Bud Graves
Brian Potter
Dusty Myers
Leann Pollock
Blake Good
Robbie Hodges
Dusty Crane
Mike Wentworth
Rudy Burns
Willard Powell
Jerry Wayne Olsen
Jessica Blair
American Cowgirl Chicks