What folks are saying…

“You did a great job and I’m looking forward to
working with you again.”

—Rob Smets, 5X World Champion Bull Fighter

“I really enjoy our times working together, and
look forward to working with you again soon.”

—Mike Mathis, PRCA Professional Rodeo Announcer

“Unique ability to connect with the audience through
clean, crisp, energetic family entertainment”

­— Willard Powel, 2X NFR Opening Specialty act

“Always professional and does an excellent job
entertaining the crowd.”

­ ­— Jerry Wayne Olson, PRCA Specialty Act of the Year

As a rodeo clown, bullfighter and barrel man for 40 years, I feel I am well qualified to speak on the ability of anyone in the clown business. I well remember Trent’s first few performances as a clown/barrelman and have seen him develop into a first class entertainer of rodeo audiences. He possesses the skill with a rope to work rodeos of any size. He has a unique talent of relating to the audiences and leaves them with a pleasurable rodeo experience. Trent would be an asset for any rodeo that hires him and is excellent in doing promo work. He possesses a hard work ethic and a high degree of professionalism. He is also very conscious of the image he projects both in and outside of the rodeo arena.

— Sid McFarland, Professional Rodeo Entertainer and Barrel Man